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Our programs are designed to spark hope, promote social justice, and overcome poverty so that children and families who are in need of support can live with dignity and security. Discover more of our programs and learn how you can help.

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Nonprofit Community Service

From advocacy to donating money, letter writing, volunteering, and more, there are many ways we help children and families in need.

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Welcome to Community Resource Center

Our organization values life, love, equality, freedom, wellness, and education. We provide programs that address the common problems in the community—poverty, public health, access to proper resources, cultural differences, and more. Our group strives to meet, collaborate, share resources, and strengthen each other as we work to raise community awareness and strive to achieve our goal of making a difference in the lives of children and families who need our support.

Together, we are better. Join us in our missions or donate to our organization and let’s bring love and hope to the underserved communities. We welcome sponsors, volunteers, and any philanthropists who would love to do charity work for humanity.

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Sign Up As a Volunteer

Let’s bring positive change to the underserved communities. Volunteer with us.

Monthly Meetings

We conduct regular conversation meetups with the community. Learn more.

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

To promote positive change in a child’s and family’s life by engaging and linking them to resources that will result in success in school and the community..

About Us

Partner with Us Let's Get Started

Are you an individual who’s passionate about volunteer work? Or do you want to contribute something great to humanity? Support our cause and let’s make a difference in the lives of others.

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Are you a professional who would like to support a non-profit organization like ours? Register as a sponsor now.

Support Our Advocacy

Do you want to help build a better community for children and families who are in need? We welcome you to join us.

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Do you have further questions and concerns? Feel free to connect with us.