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About Community Resource Center

Community Resource Center is a non-profit organization that serves diverse communities, providing education, housing, and health care resources to children and families of various backgrounds. The Center seeks to connect each individual with the proper resources, including public health, education, and mental health resources.

The Resource Center will provide language assistance for those who may require verbal/written support and or cultural support.

Community Resource Center will strengthen the whole family, ensuring everyone is well served and receives the resources they need to succeed in schools and the community.

Mission Statement

To promote positive change in a child’s and family’s life by engaging and linking them to resources that will result in success in school and the community.

Vision Statement

To help the whole family receive information about health care, education, employment, and housing while respecting their uniqueness and removing all barriers surrounding their circumstances.

Admin Team


Ibrahim Mohamed Executive Director


Abdukadir Abdi Director of Youth and Adult Services

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